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We the Magic Craft.

Since 1992
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Magic Crafts has been in the market from the last 29 years, catering to the Epitome of Kashmiri handicrafts, spearheaded by Mr. Manzoor Guroo.

Magic Crafts recently launched an online store, online store will bring the convenience of hassle-free shopping – anytime, anywhere: online, in-store, and on social media.

Magic crafts has been a one-stop-shop since the last 3 decades for Kashmiri handicrafts products in Delhi. Magic Crafts products are the confluence of Ancient Kashmiri aesthetics and modern luxury.

Each product speaks of a different story, reflecting the different personalities of the artists, while a heady mix of luxury and elegance is perpetually present.


It’s a very beautiful carpet having a thick and soft luxurious feel underfoot. Also lovely texture of soft silk wool and lavish red colour. Incridible persian carpet. You can go for it.

Aman Singh

Fantastic collection of Kashmir carpets awesome jewelry, beautiful pashmina shawls. This place has a nice flavor of our handicraft heritage.