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With a variety of floor-covering options available today, it is often challenging for people to decide what to put on the floor – for example, choosing between the area rugs, the famous Kashmiri carpets, or hardwood. If you’re the one who likes luxury, Kashmiri carpets for living room in India are certainly the best choice. 

Before diving into where and how to buy them, this blog will walk you through what exactly Kashmiri carpets are, how they are crafted, and the different types of motifs.

What is Kashmiri Carpet? 

Carpet weaving in Kashmir dates back to the 15th century. The great ruler, Sultan Zainul Aabideen, the 8th Sultan of Kashmir, popularly known as Budhshah, invited some skilled Persian craftsmen to the valley. Soon, the local artisans picked up the skills, excelled at it, and took the art of weaving carpets to new heights with their proficiency. 

During Budhshah’s rule, the art of carpet weaving flourished, as he was a great supporter of arts and crafts. Ever since then, Kashmiri carpets have gained international fame. And not soon enough, the carpets made a place of their own in the global market because of their beauty and durability. 

What’s Special About Kashmiri Carpets?

Kashmiri carpets have intricate designs, usually ornamental imagery, and floral styles in a wide range of colors, sizes, and quality. The weavers typically use both wool & silk yarns to tie 200 knots to 900 knots/sq—inch and form a carpet. The hard work and precision that goes into weaving one is why they rank amongst the finest in the world. 

The loom used to weave Kashmiri carpets for living rooms in India is composed of two horizontal wooden beams. The warp threads stretch between each of those beams. One beam is in front of the weaver and the second behind the first. The main difference between a carpet and other hand-woven rugs is that the weavers tie short lengths of the thread or yarn to wrap chains to form the carpet’s pile, called knots or a loop.

Although there are different types of knots, the Farsi baff and the Persian system known as Sehna, or Sinneh knot, are commonly used to weave the carpets. The tools used to weave Kashmiri carpets are very simple and easy to use. A wood or metal comb to push the knots, weft them tightly together, and a pair of scissors to cut it into an even form once finished. 

What Is the Process of Making Kashmiri Carpets?

Kashmiri carpets are primarily made in the vicinity of Srinagar in factories called Karkhana. There, the weavers work together to craft the best Kashmiri carpets for living rooms in India. Often, the workers, along with their families, sit together on a carpet during its different phases working on one carpet. Usually, one carpet takes around two years to complete. However, that totally depends on the size and the design of a carpet. 

Carpet Making is a three-step process and involves the designer, the dyer, the weaver, and finally, a trader who brings them out to the world.

Step 1 – Designing a Carpet

The very first step of carpet making is Talim, the design of a carpet. The designers finalize the Motifs, choose the suitable colors and decide the final layout of a carpet. Talim is like a code, the carpet language that the weavers follow while making the carpet.

Step 2 – Dyeing and Drying

After the design and colors are final, the designer sends the yarn out for dying. Once the yarn is dyed, it is then left to dry, exposed to air and sunlight.

Step 3 – Weaving

The third step is to pass the design and the dyed yarns to the weaver, who then sets up his look accordingly. The weaver prepares the warps and wefts. The warps are thick threads of cotton, wool, or silk that run through the length of the carpet. In contrast, wefts are similar threads that pass under and over the warps from one side to the other.

Typically, the weaver starts from the bottom of the loom, passing a number of wefts through the warps to form a base to start from. Then they tie knots in rows around consecutive sets of adjacent warps. As more rows are tied, the knots form the pile of the carpet. To keep the knots fixed and in their place, one or more shots of weft are passed in between each row of knots. 

The weavers then beat down the carpet with a comb-like instrument to further compact and secure the newly-woven row. Depending on the precision of the weave, the quality of the materials used, and the expertise of the weaver, the knot count of a handmade Kashmiri carpets for living room India may vary from 16 to 800 knots per square inch. When the carpet is complete, the warp ends as fringes that may be tasseled, weft-faced, or secured in other ways.

What Are Some Popular Carpet Motifs?

Although you get to see thousands of motifs and imagery in Kashmiri carpets for bedrooms, the following are some of the famous carpet motifs of Kashmir.

  1. Tree of Life – A majestic depiction of a tree that is home to native birds.
  2. Gulabdar – The Kashmiri Roses
  3. Bagdar – The view of a garden
  4. Gumm – The maze pattern
  5. All Over – Floral all over
  6. Lotus – A pattern inspired by the lotus
  7. Dabdar – The box pattern
  8. Khatam Band – Wood art-inspired 
  9. Hamdan – Inspired by cartouche
  10. Ardabil – Similar to Caucasian rugs, more patterns and objects are woven into the borders. 
  11. Kashan – Similar design with a central medallion
  12. Kirman – Vivid red color with a combination of beige and a medallion in the center. 
  13. Tabriz – Similar to floral garden motifs

Why Should You Buy Kashmiri Carpets?

A home is incomplete without a soul. According to the believes, a carpet from Kashmir “brings the entire house together.” They are the epitome of luxury and certainly what you’ll need to make your rooms stand out. They are an authentic piece of home furnishing that is extraordinary in every aspect, be it the texture, material, or precisely expressive designs. 

Where Can You Buy Kashmiri Carpet in India?

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Kashmiri Carpets undoubtedly add a finishing touch to your home. They add an element of luxury, ensuring your home looks extraordinary. So why wait? Order Kashmiri carpets online Delhi from the comfort of your home through Magic Craft today. 

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