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Silk scarves and silk as fabric are not new to the fashion world. A silk clothing item is no less than a modern luxury that balances comfort and royalty. Silk, without a doubt, is a timeless classic. And of all the silk clothing items you can own, a silk scarf for ladies is perhaps the most versatile. You can use a silk scarf for a variety of reasons. And the best part about them? They do no harm to your skin. 

So if you want to buy silk scarves online at best prices in India or buy silk scarves in Delhi, continue reading. 

In this blog, we will walk you through the following: 

  • What is silk?
  • What makes silk so special?
  • Why should you buy women scarves in silk?
  • Where to buy silk scarves at best price in India

What Is Silk?

Silk is a natural fiber produced by some insect larvae to form cocoons. As for textile manufacturing, only the silk of moth caterpillars is used. It has a shimmery appearance because of the triangular structure of the fiber. As a result, a silk cloth refracts incoming light at different angles to produce different colors. 

It finds its use in manufacturing several items like clothing, furniture, medical, and industrial uses. As for clothing, silk is used to make shirts, blouses, ties, dress suits, scarves, and more. 

One important thing to note about silk is its availability. You will find silk in different types. Following are some of the types of silk: 

  • Mulberry silk: Mulberry silk is one of the most important silks. It contributes to nearly 90% of the total production and requires extra care to maintain its texture.
  • Tasar Silk: Also known as Tussah Silk, it is a kind of wild silk produced from a Tasar silkworm. It is usually copperish in color, finding its use in furniture and interiors. 
  • Eri Silk: Another name for Endi or Errandi silk, Eri silk is derived from domesticated species of the silkworm. It is creamy white in color. Also, it is peace silk, meaning it is spun without harming the worm.
  • Muga Silk: Muga silk is obtained from the semi-domesticated silkworm. The silk is golden yellow/brown in color and is known for its shiny, glossy texture. 

What Makes Silk So Special?

The wide use of silk reflects why it is so special. Following are a few reasons why fashion designers, stylists, and others prefer silk: 

Hypoallergenic Fabric

Silk is a hypoallergenic fabric. It causes no skin allergic reactions and is safe to wear by everyone. It also prevents the accumulation of mold and dust mites. They are often the primary reason behind allergic symptoms like coughing. Furthermore, mold and dust mites also deteriorate the cloth by eating away at the fabric. This renders them unhealthy to wear. Hence if you want to buy women scarves, buy a silk scarf! 

Biodegradable and Recyclable 

As mentioned, silk is a natural fiber. It is obtained naturally and thus is one of the most sustainable fabrics. This also makes it easy to recycle. Silk items do not contain harsh chemicals or unnatural fibers. Thus, it is highly biodegradable. It breaks down easily and leaves behind no harsh residue.

Luxurious Fabric 

Silk’s history as one of the most coveted materials made is difficult to dispute. Silk has excellent shine, which is one of the reasons behind this. In the light, the fabric almost looks to breathe. Furthermore, it is so adaptable that it can be fashioned into practically any piece for any occasion. 

Aside from that, silk retains dye well. When paired with its inherent lustre, silken clothing explodes with vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns. It can hold both bold and light designs. This makes silk scarves for ladies a “wearable” art and a go-to choice for luxury clothing.

Why Should You Buy a Silk Scarf?

Wondering why you should buy silk scarfs? Following are some benefits of buying silk scarves:

Versatile Clothing Item

You can wear a silk scarf in more than one way. Wrap it around your neck, fold it neatly over your lapel, tie it in your hair, or knot it around your neck – these are just a few of the many ways you can wear a silk scarf for ladies

Besides, you can also wear it around your waist, hand, or head if you do not want to wrap it around your neck. 

Fashionable Accessory

Scarfs are just like other fashion accessories. Sometimes they complement your outfit to level up your style game. And sometimes, they stand out to add a pop of color to your otherwise monotonous dress. 

The right color, print, and draping can make your outfit go from 1 to 100 in seconds! 

Great Utility 

Unlike a few other fashion accessories, silk scarves are practical. For instance, silk scarves in Delhi can be your go-to styling option, especially for winners. Silk is known to trap heat. Hence, layering silk is a practical choice. 

But does this mean that you cannot wear silk in summer? Layering women’s silk scarf in Delhi summers is just as beneficial as wearing them in winter. Silk is lightweight and has a natural composition. Furthermore, it is breathable, allowing natural air to circulate. Hence, layering women’s scarf in Delhi summers or similar is a good idea.

Complements Other Clothes

Some clothing items go well with most of your other items in the wardrobe. A silk scarf is that item. For instance, a brown silk scarf with a brown jacket will give you a subtle formal look. But a red or a yellow silk scarf with the same jacket will add a pop of color to the outfit. This way you will not have to buy too many jackets, especially if you live in places like Delhi where winters are really cold. 

Where to Buy Silk Scarves Online at Best Price in India?

Do you want to buy silk scarves online at best prices in India? Unfortunately, Finding silk scarves at best price in India can be difficult. The price of Silk scarfs depends on the type of silk it uses, the design, and the size. But don’t worry. We know a place where you can buy silk scarves online at best prices. 


You can buy silk scarves online at best prices in India from The Magic Craft. They offer the best silk scarves at affordable prices. The Magic Craft has been in business for 29 years and is a top brand in the market. They are always working to showcase Kashmir’s unique handcraft legacy. The weavers’ skills are invaluable!


If you want to buy silk scarves at best price in India , The Magic Craft is your go-to place. They are a reliable brand, offering the best quality silk scarves at pocket-friendly prices. There is no doubt that a silk scarf is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, striking a balance between comfort and fashion. It has many benefits for your skin and hair. Thus, a silk scarf is a must-have! 

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